White Cardamom & Sage Italian Burgamot

Classic Diffuser Refills

An efficient and elegant way to fragrance any room. Each of the 300ml bottles will refill your diffuser bottle three times. Choose from twelve delicious long-lasting fragrances.


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White Cardamom & Sage

code  R1501

Italian Bergamot

code  R1502

Citrus Flower Seville Orange Green Tea & Cucumber

Citrus Flower

code  R1503

Seville Orange

code  R1504

Fresh Linen

code  R1505

Vanilla Bean green tea & cucumber Frangipani Orchid

Vanilla Bean

code  R1506

Green Tea & Cucumber

code  R1507

Frangipani Orchid

code  R1508

Wasabi & Watercress Wasabi & watercress Green Tea & Cucumber

Wasabi & Watercress

code  R1509

Darkwood & Camellia

code  R1510


code  R1511

Green Tea & Cucumber    


code  R1512



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