Made with a luxury wax blend to ensure a long clean burn. Each candle is infused with 7% of the finest quality custom blended fragrance oils for the optimal home fragrance experience.

This range consists of three different sized contemporary filled glasses with a stainless steel lid, two different sized pillars, stainless steel tin and a reed diffuser.


Signature 7oz Filled Glass Candles

Signature14oz Filled Glass Candles

Signature 21oz Filled Glass Candles

Signature Tall Filled Glass Candles

Signature Filled Tin Candles

Silver Top Reed Diffusers

Silver Top Reed Diffuser Refills

Each of the 300ml bottles will refill your 100ml diffuser bottle three times. Choose from fourteen delicious long-lasting fragrances.

Silver Top Twin Reed Diffusers

Silver Top Room Sprays

Tea Lights