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Product Options


Our commitment to continual innovation and development means we can offer a dynamic and extensive range of options.

From a standard glassware to a bespoke design, we can manufacture your product packaging in the following materials.


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·         Glass

·         Ceramics

·         Plastics

·         Paper/Card

·         Metal

·         China

·         Wood


Developing products from afar comes with obvious risks – We remove that risk entirely from your project giving you the confidence and reassurance you need.

Our sourcing team has built trusted relationships with a range of specialist manufactures in the above categories. We have the ability to increase your expectation and eliminate your risk when sourcing packaging whilst also taking advantage of our low pricing.

Ensuring your final product is of the highest standard is one of our core manufacturing values. Our dedicated team regularly QC throughout the entire process to ensure your project requirements are met at every step to maintain absolute consistency.

All products are comprehensively tested at every stage to ensure legislation, claims and quality levels are met – this is a no charge service to ensure your product meets and exceeds the standards required.

Take a look at just a snap shot of some of our recent products and finishes: